The gig economy and how MMO Freelance came about

‘The gig economy’ has gotten big, fast. It’s the fastest growing sector in the world and very quickly becoming popular among the consulting community. As a result of this incredible growth, movemeon has launched a platform dedicated to freelancers.

Rich & Nick (movemeon founders), had both freelanced after leaving McKinsey and had to navigate the minefield that is freelancing through traditional recruitment agencies – excessive fees, questionable working practices and a slow, arduous process. As a consequence, they created a freelance platform with three core values: fairness, transparency, and speed. 

Freelance is now the fastest-growing part of our business. So it only made sense to create MMO Freelance, a unique, dedicated space for the freelance community.

During the first year only…

Days worked

£ billed

Cups of coffee drunk

In the last 6 months, we’ve grown…


More jobs


More applications

New hiring experience

1. Alternative

The main reason to create this space was to give hiring managers and freelancers the option to move away from traditional recruitment and try an alternative approach to recruiting freelance consultants – creating a fair and transparent way to hire and be hired. No more ‘middle-man’ recruiters or excessive fees acting as a speed bump for hiring managers trying to find & hire great freelance consultants

2. Community

With freelance growing, a decision to create a unique, dedicated space for all things related to freelance was a no brainer. We have created a place where our community (both hiring managers and freelancers) have easy access to our insight, advice, and events, and can stay connected among themselves. As employers get to grips with how & when to hire freelance consultants, we want this space to act as an essential resource for hiring managers wanting to learn more about the mechanics and benefits of hiring freelance consultants

3. Dedicated space

And finally, having a dedicated space for freelance gives us the ability to scale globally and thus open new opportunities for our community. So whether you’re new to the freelancing game or a seasoned pro – we’re confident you’ll find use in this new space

Special thanks to all of our amazing clients & freelancers whose continued support enables us to keep on growing.

Rich, Nick & the MMO Freelance team

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