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Our founders worked at McKinsey and then as freelance consultants. So we understand the challenges faced by both employers and freelancers.

We overcome these problems for 29,000+ members and 1,900+ clients. We’re fast & fair – we allow freelancers & businesses to agree the day rate themselves, and are market leading on fees. 

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A market full of opportunities

The freelance market is growing year on year. On movemeon more than 4,600 candidates say they are interested in freelancing and since the launch of MMO Freelance, more than 500 freelance roles have been shared by employers.

Freelancers are highly skilled and possess deep industry expertise. Hiring managers often believe that they are more expensive to recruit than permanent employees, which is not always true. You can read more about this in our article comparing costs for permanent and freelance employees. Freelancers are also quicker to hire than permanent employees.

In a nutshell, hiring freelancers can represent various advantages for your projects.

What to expect

Are you thinking about hiring freelancers for your next project? Do you still have questions or doubts? We’re here to help.

Download our info pack and learn about the advantages of hiring through MMO Freelance. Of course, you can always drop us a line at

In our info pack, you’ll also be able to discover employers’ testimonials about working with us. Have a look at our success page for some examples of previous freelance hires.

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At movemeon, we’ve seen the freelance market grow year on year. Freelancers are highly skilled, they possess deep industry expertise and they are quicker to hire than permanent employees, so it’s no surprise that the growth of the market has been driven as much by demand as by supply.

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