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The 10th November 2016, we organised our first freelance drinks! Here are some of the main insights and recommendations that have come out of the event & the launch of

Please sir, can I have some more... information

One constant theme during the freelance drinks evening was a request for more information on what it means to be a freelance strategy consultant, encompassing everything from what day rate to charge to how to go about business development. We cover a lot of these topics on our shiny new blog, however, it’s sometimes just nice to chat these things through in person. Artificial Intelligence may have come on leaps and bounds, however, sadly Siri still can’t advise you on how to write a good freelance cover letter (one can only dream).

That’s why, in early 2017, we’ve been hosting an event for anyone in a permanent role considering freelance consulting & wanting to learn more. It has also been really useful for anyone needing a crash course on effective freelance consulting. We had a panel of current freelance consultants who answered any questions & shared their tips, hints & tricks on what it takes to be successful in the freelance consulting space. The panel has provided an overview of the evolution of freelance strategy consulting.

A little party never killed nobody

“You guys need to hold more events” was also much repeated – trust me, we’re listening! Our events calendar will be more active, with the odd ‘freelancer social’ thrown in for good measure. If you have any recommendations on what you think could be fun please do drop us a note with suggestions

Do you like data? Well, how do you like that data...

There remains a desperate need for a single resource to provide data on what’s actually happening in the freelance strategy consulting market. Yes, there’s been a lot of talk about the explosion of freelance consulting in the past years, however, when trying to do any research on the freelance strategy space, we were astonished at how little data actually exists. Don’t get us wrong, we love hunting for data through multiple sources to build a ‘big picture’ perspective, although it seems highly illogical and extremely unhelpful not having a single source to actually find this information – a ‘Freelancer’s Bible’.

There seem to be reams and reams of data floating around on how freelancing is disrupting certain industries (tech professionals, creative industries, etc), however, we’ve had to utilize a broad range of sources to come up with any meaningful data/insights on freelance strategy. It was fantastic to see mainstream media shining the light on freelance strategy consulting with some FT’s article covering the rise of freelance strategy consulting – if you missed it, it’s well worth a read here. It seems we’re not alone, “we need more data –  which sectors are utilizing freelance consultants, what’s the average day rate for someone at my experience level?”  was a major set of grievances during the freelance drinks evening.  We’ve listened and will be putting together more comprehensive data,  hopefully uncovering some useful data points for freelance strategy consultants across a broad range of topics.


I live my life a project at a time

Finding the next project remains the main concern for the majority of our freelance community. To help build some confidence in the market we’ve made some of our freelance success stories from this year available on the site. Hopefully, this highlights that the market remains in good health with our client break down being split quite nicely between PE, corporate & start-up clients. Since launching MMO Freelance, we’ve mentioned time & again that transparency above all else is one of our most important founding principles – our clients are not locked away in a database for only recruiters to access. We’re proud of the businesses we partner with – why hide it?

Once more unto the breach dear friends...

As freelance consulting continues to grow and evolve, the need to educate prospective clients on the many benefits it brings has significantly grown. The most effective discussions we’ve had with prospective clients this year have been when we’ve been able to loop in freelancers we know well to help ‘fill in the gaps’ when clients are scoping projects. This is a combined effort that we genuinely believe will yield some amazing results, with more and more clients waking up to the many benefits hiring freelance can bring – so don’t be surprised if we come knocking on your door sometime soon…


Say hello to my little friend

The growth of is an exciting chapter in our journey to world domination. It provides a platform for our freelance community to share thoughts & insights on freelancing.  We love user-generated content as unique perspectives carry so much more weight than single-perspective commentary. While we might be able to write a general crash course summary on things like winning new clients, every freelancer has their own methodology and approach. Just last week, we spoke to someone who managed to stabilisee her utilisation rate by pre-arranging a round of golf every couple of months with a hiring manager (who loves golf) as a way to stay close and check-in (talk about out of the box thinking). She would do this with multiple clients across a range of hobbies/activities. It really is initiatives like this that keep you ahead of the game. So, if you happen to have any unique or interesting insights/perspectives on freelance, feel free to put together some thoughts (400-500 words) and share your wisdom with the community

Hopefully, these insights highlight that the way MMO Freelance is being built is through a constant dialogue with you, the community, so the more you can interact with us via user-generated content, attending events or finding freelance work, the more you’ll be feeding into how the product and service grow and evolve.

Hasta la Vista

The MMO Freelance team

p.s kudos if you managed to guess the awful film/literature quotes in the sub-headings (with some minor alterations) – No 4. is particularly tricky. 

Happy Freelancing! 


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